Getting Started with Parkour

Have you been looking to get into Parkour? Or do you want to get your kids involved in Parkour? Here is a step by step guide on how to get started with Breathe Parkour.

Parkour is the act of getting from point A to point B as efficiently or uniquely as possible. Often referred to as Urban Gymnastics and made popular but such Hollywood films like Casino Royale and more recently, Kingsman. 

If this is your first time at Breathe, you qualify for the Intro 4 Pack. You get 4 classes for the price of 3 for $75. Each class is one hour of instruction and does include same day open gym. Meaning you can stay after class to practice what you have learned in class!

Be sure to purchase the 4 pack appropriate to your city! 

Intro 4 Pack for Calgary   Intro 4 Pack for Lethbridge

Once you have tried out our classes, you can sign up for a membership! Breathe offers 12, month, 6 month and 3 month memberships. Obviously the longer the term, the better the deal. 

Our most popular membership is the Basic Membership. For $90 a month, you get 5 classes a month and unlimited open gym time. Whenever Breathe Parkour is open, we have open gym available! The 5 classes work out to be about 1 class a week with an extra for special classes such as Grading Day.

You can see all of the pricing for the rest of our memberships here.

Calgary Pricing   Lethbridge Pricing
Now that you have an account, you want to figure out which class is appropriate for you or your child(ren). We offer classes for ages 6 - 10, 11 - 15 and 16+. Everyone starts at level 1 which means they will join a levels 1 - 3 class.

You can view the class schedules for each specific beginner class here.

Ages 6 - 10, Levels 1 - 3   Ages 11 - 15, Levels 1 - 3   Ages 16+, Levels 1 - 3
Before you can participate at Breathe Parkour, you will need to create an account for yourself OR for the participant. Once this form is complete, the waiver is done. You do not need to print and sign anything. The creation of an account is all we need! 

Please Note: This form needs to be filled out for the participant. If you have multiple children, you will need to create separate accounts for each of them. If there are any issues, please contact us at 403-273-2245 and we will help you out!

Fill Out Online Waiver

Gym Oath

The Gym Oath is a safety guideline that we require all participants to follow in order to maintain a safe, fun environment for everyone here.
  • I will listen to the Floor Marshal's instructions

  • I will not rough house or play chasing games

  • I will not criticize other members

  • I will not wear outdoor footwear

  • If I am under level 4, I will not jump off anything higher than my head

  • I will not bring outside food or drink in the gym 

  • I see If I can’t get somewhere on my own, I won't go there

  • I will train within my ability

  • I will train for myself and no one else

  • I will look before I leap (be aware of your surroundings)

  • I will be barefoot in the pit

  • I will not throw the foam cubes or loiter in the pit

  • I will land on my butt or back when jumping into the foam pit (not my head or feet)

  • I will respect the space and not damage it

Our Curriculum

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