Want to know what skill you will learn in each level? Check out all the details here!
 The Breathe Parkour curriculum is broken down into 8 levels. Everyone who starts in Parkour at Breathe is level 1. They will take the levels 1 - 3 classes that are applicable to their age. From there, they can learn skills from levels 1, 2 and 3. When you are ready, you can join one of our grading days that we have every month, to try and level up. Once you get into level 4, you now qualify for the levels 4 - 6 classes. Everyone progresses at a different rate. The beauty of Parkour is that you can progress at your own rate. .

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Access to the Breathe Parkour curriculum videos is restricted to certified Breathe Parkour trainers and partnering affiliates. To gain access to these videos, please contact Breathe Parkour to learn how you can rent out the Breathe Curriculum.
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