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Have Questions about SoCal (South Calgary)?

Find out everything you need to know about the new location!

Where will the South location be located?

#131 - 10550 42 Street SE
Just off barlow, located a few blocks away from Deerfoot Inn and Casino.

When will the South location be opening?

NOW OPEN! We officially opened on January 2nd for classes and are now fully open for classes and open gym, as of January 9th.

Will memberships/passes be transferable?

During this transition, all Calgary members will be able to participate at either location. In the coming weeks, we will be reaching out to the members to confirm where their home location will be. But you don't have to stress about it right now!

In the future, all members will have access to open gym at all Breathe Parkour locations, but each member will be required to select which location they'll be attending class. This is to help keep class sizes safe and manageable. Unfortunately, after the grace period, multipacks will not be usable at both locations. Transfers can be discussed but you cannot use the same 10 pack that you purchased at NoCal for the services at SoCal. Instead, you can purchase a 10 pack at each location and keep them on your account. They are good for a year anyways!

Will you be hiring?

Hiring is now closed for the south location. Thank you to everyone who applied!

Will the same trainers be at both locations? 

Our trainers will be on a rotation between the two Calgary locations, probably on a monthly rotation.

Will the class schedule be the same?

Yes, the class schedule will be the same for both locations (for the time being at least).

Will pricing change per location?

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Pricing for South Calgary will be the same as North Calgary.

Will grading change?

Grading days will run as usual, once a month on the second Friday of the month. They will be adjusted as the demand requires.

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#131 - 10550 42 Street SE
Calgary AB

Located next to Canadian Energy