The Zen of Muscle Memory in Parkour

The brain is a wonderful thing, and no matter what occupation or challenge you have, the adage of try and try until you succeed comes to mind.
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Take Charge Of Your Nagging Parkour Injuries

There are three fundamental abilities you need to be great at Parkour. The first is technique. We have covered technique in our Ultimate Parkour Guide, and our Blocking, Delaying Rotation, and Tucking Tight tutorials.

The second ability is strength.  We recently covered strength in our Parkour Strength guide.  The last ability to round out this trio is mobility. We introduced mobility in our Ankles Guide, but today we will go in depth.
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Paralysis by Analysis

Fear is a large part of our lives, and sports are no different. Every time you try something new, you are going to feel fear to some degree. There is no reason to feel ashamed by this. It is just a part of being a human being.

Fear plays a large role in sports. Any time there is a chance of injury, a pesky voice in the back of your head will be telling you to stop. Listening to this part of your brain is the only reason you are alive right now. If you didn’t, you would do things like walk out into traffic without thinking about it.

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Longevity - You’ll Never Last Without This

Parkour is more popular now than ever before. One of the best things about this sport is that anyone can take part. You do not need to buy equipment and you don't need a team - all you need is yourself. Dedication and effort are all that it takes to go far in this game, and that is what makes the sport so beautiful.

Yet, a lot of people don't make it far. They burn out before reaching a high level. They get injured, frustrated, or just lose interest.

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3 Tips To Mad Flexibility

If you have read this blog for a while you know how important it is to be in shape. Technique should always be practiced, but everyone’s body has limits. We need to push those limits by being in the best physical shape possible.

Flexibility training is a huge part of any professional traceur’s game. If you want to make sure your body is ready for new techniques, you need to make sure you have the mobility to get them done.

This article will help you get started on the path to becoming a lean and mean Parkour machine.
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Today, Parkour is part of our mainstream culture. YouTube and social media have made the sport available to anyone. It has never been more popular than today. Yet, it is easy to forget where the sport came from.

Parkour did not begin as a way to look cool, or impress others. If you have read our "History of Parkour" article, then you will know that the origins of the sport come from a desire to improve one's life.

The founder of the sport, David Belle, and the other members of the Yamakasi started training this way to improve their lives. They wanted to push the limits of their identities. They strived for breakthroughs in their personal development, not create a new sport.

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Follow sports long enough and there is a good chance you will come across the term “peak performance.” Sometimes athletes call this feeling “the zone” or “being in the moment.” No matter what the name, everyone knows it when they feel it.

The best way to describe this state of focus is to call it nature’s performance-enhancing drug. When athletes achieve this peak experience, everything else in the world falls away. You no longer need to think about what you are doing, you just do it. Achieving this state turns you into a human being with one purpose.

That purpose changes depending on the task at hand. If you are an athlete, you will excel on the field. If you are a musician, you will effortlessly find your groove. If you are a writer, you will churn out pages of content without thinking about it.

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So, your vault game is pretty tight, and you think you’re ready to work on some flips. One of the first steps to mastering flips is learning the art of blocking. If you haven’t read our blocking guide you should do so before reading this article.


Learning how to flip will take you awhile. There are several steps you have to master before you will start flying through the air. If you have a solid grasp of blocking but keep hitting the ground too early, then you’re starting to rotate too soon and you’re not lifting your core high enough.


As you saw in our previous post, blocking helps to create upward momentum. If you want to keep that momentum you need to delay your flip until you reach the apex of your jump. This is also true for wall spins. The longer you delay, the more height you will get.


This seems scary to amateurs. But if you are having trouble getting height it’s a fear you need to conquer. Ironically, delaying your rotation actually gives you more time.


How Does This Work?

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The Two Reasons You Will Roll An Ankle This Year