Parkour Camp: Keeping Kids Resilient


Nowadays kids are a lot less mobile and tend to engage in more stationary activities. While these activities do have certain benefits in terms of your child’s athletic development, there are serious downsides to constantly engaging in activities that require them to be alone and not exercising. Kids need physical activity. They need to release energy, build healthy habits, and develop their personalities with other children to fully reach their potential as strong adults later in life.Read More


Would You Pass a Parkour History Quiz?


“What famous film coined the term “Freerunning?””

“Is Yamakasi a film or a famous Parkour group?”

“What are the 10 essential movements of the “Méthode Naturelle?””

While Parkour is a new sport in the mainstream spotlight, its roots date back more than 100 years. Over that time, dozens of influential people helped to build the sport into what it is today. Some of them borrowed ideas from other cultures, while others looked deep inside their own minds.

When you put all their efforts together, you get the modern sport of Parkour. Here is a brief story about how the sport started.
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What is Parkour?

Parkour has exploded in popularity over the years. What started as a simple form of exercise and mental training has grown into a global phenomenon. You have probably heard a lot about the sport. However, many outsiders still don't know what exactly is going on.

Here is a quick guide for those interested:
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The World’s Most Popular Parkour Locations (American Edition)

Everyone has a favorite spot to use when they want to do Parkour, but there are some locations that are so beloved that they are famous around the world. In this series, we break down some of the most popular Parkour locations in the world, and some of their challenges. To start things off, here are some of the best locations in America.  
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Letter from the CEO: Why I Sponsored the WFPF Pro-AM Comp

The Pros and Cons of Sponsoring the WFPF Pro-AM Event

Should Breathe Parkour sponsor the upcoming World Freerunning & Parkour Federation (WFPF) event in Las Vegas? I struggled with this decision for a long time. I spoke to my peers, athletes planning to attend the event, athletes that were against it, athletes that had never heard of it, and parents of students that come to Breathe gyms. It was not a decision made lightly.

But, after all that deliberation, I decided that Breathe would sponsor the Las Vegas WFPF/Pro-AM Parkour Championship, and I’m proud that my organization will be a part of it. I’ve also decided that, in the future, we will make that same decision again, either for a WFPF event or other grassroots Parkour organizations, and I hope more Parkour organizations join us.

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Not everyone lives in a Parkour mecca. It would be nice to live in a massive metropolis like New York or Toronto, with tons of jams and other Parkour events going on. Most of us don’t live in places like that. Sometimes, if you want a Parkour jam, you need to do it yourself.

Organizing a jam is one of the best ways to strengthen your local Parkour community. Not only will youRead More



Today, Parkour is part of our mainstream culture. YouTube and social media have made the sport available to anyone. It has never been more popular than today. Yet, it is easy to forget where the sport came from.

Parkour did not begin as a way to look cool, or impress others. If you have read our "History of Parkour" article, then you will know that the origins of the sport come from a desire to improve one's life.

The founder of the sport, David Belle, and the other members of the Yamakasi started training this way to improve their lives. They wanted to push the limits of their identities. They strived for breakthroughs in their personal development, not create a new sport.

Parkour is not just a means to get fit, it can improve other areas of your life. Your training in Parkour can help you Read More