Why Barefoot Training is Essential

One of the most common questions when starting Parkour is: what shoes should I buy? This is especially common from parents enrolling their children in a Parkour program.

Shoes are thought to protect our feet from the outside world. With a sport that relies so heavily on the feet, shoes seem like an essential tool. But are they?
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Will Gymnastics Make You A Better Traceur?

There are a lot of people who start out Parkour without any foundation in other sports. Starting without a solid foundation works fine, but it leads to a longer “break-in” period. But, what if you're coming from a base such as gymnastics?
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How to Get Your Friends to Train Parkour

Parkour is an amazing sport, but it’s even better with friends. Unfortunately,  a lot of rookie traceurs end up training alone. Worse yet, every time you bring the topic up with your friends they roll their eyes. It’s frustrating when your best friends just shrug their shoulders. So what's the problem here and why is everyone being so standoffish when it comes to getting involved in this game? You don’t need to train with others, but who doesn’t like comrades in the foxhole?
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