Parkour Camp: Keeping Kids Resilient


Nowadays kids are a lot less mobile and tend to engage in more stationary activities. While these activities do have certain benefits in terms of your child’s athletic development, there are serious downsides to constantly engaging in activities that require them to be alone and not exercising. Kids need physical activity. They need to release energy, build healthy habits, and develop their personalities with other children to fully reach their potential as strong adults later in life.Read More


Parkour Movements and Terms: The Complete Guide

It’s hard to define a sport such as Parkour. Some argue it is not at all a sport. Some say it’s meant to be an experience, not discussed or categorized.

Regardless, to expose Parkour to others and teach others we must use terminology. Here is the glossary of Parkour movements and terms.

This is not an exercise in precision but more an aid in understanding and communication. Study this guide, and use it as a framework to develop your skills and stay on track. This is not meant to be studied like a high school exam. Rather, this is a guide that you should be going back to over and over.
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Would You Pass a Parkour History Quiz?


“What famous film coined the term “Freerunning?””

“Is Yamakasi a film or a famous Parkour group?”

“What are the 10 essential movements of the “Méthode Naturelle?””

While Parkour is a new sport in the mainstream spotlight, its roots date back more than 100 years. Over that time, dozens of influential people helped to build the sport into what it is today. Some of them borrowed ideas from other cultures, while others looked deep inside their own minds.

When you put all their efforts together, you get the modern sport of Parkour. Here is a brief story about how the sport started.
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You've mastered some vaults and you feel confident. Now it's time to tackle flips. It might be too early but hey, we all need to start somewhere. Besides you’re getting bored and they seem so, so cool.
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