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Parkour Games That Will Help You Train

Continual progression is a big part of the game, and that can be gruelling if training is solely focused on drilling moves over and over. Using games to help with your Parkour skills will add a small boost to your mentality and allow you to grow as an athlete.

Games like these are a great way to switch up your training routine, and have some fun while doing it. Some of these games can be done by yourself or with a group, but the entire point of them is to get better at Parkour without worrying about some of the pitfalls. Get good at these games, and you'll raise your skill level in no time flat. So here are some of the more interesting games people have made up to help them train.

Solo Games

Not everyone is going to be around a group of people that will get into Parkour games. So for those that tend to spend more time solo or don't have a participating group, these are the perfect games. Creative types can even turn some of these solo games into group activities as well. Take some of these suggestions or take all, whichever works best for your training. Just remember to practice safety first, even if it is just training.


The worst enemy in life is yourself, so why not challenge that person? Setting up a timed obstacle course is a good way to see where you excel and fail the most. Set up your environment whichever way you want and then do a practice run through it.

Now aim to beat that time, and if you succeed, beat the newer time. Repetition isn't a bad motivator when competing with yourself rather than others. And don't be shy with the setup, go all out and make it difficult. For the extremist Parkour athlete, there is always the option of adding tape. Make it a point to touch this tape while moving backwards and forwards through the course. While this last option has its roots in suicide drills with basketball, it is a lot more rewarding this way.

Bouncy Ball Chase

The key to this game is going to be the actual bouncy ball. Although any small type will work, even the Dollar Tree brand, priority goes to the quality of the ball. You want it to reach outer space when it ricochets off of an object.

Second thing to look at is the environment and what it will bounce off of. The more places for it to wreak havoc then the better the game will be for you. Trying to catch the ball will not be as easy as you think. A simple game like this not only helps hand eye coordination, but also stamina. Without stamina, then participating in Parkour will be a hard thing to do.

Blind Man Running

Don't let the name fool you, as no one should go full speed blindfolded. This game is more for your senses than physical superiority. Check to make sure that you're in a closed off environment with no hazards.

If everything checks out, blindfold yourself and practice a set of moves. While easy at first, this can turn into a fun game when you realize how unbalanced you are. Sometimes taking away one sense can completely disorientate a person. If this sounds familiar, then this game will come in handy.

Group Games

If you've got willing participants, then starting a group game is an awesome choice. This is the best way to get a group of beginners or even advanced players together on a level field. Without the fear of needing to impress everyone, Parkour athletes will be able to train and have a blast. Some of the best games on the list are simple variations of old school games.

Black Hole

In this alternate version of tag, point out areas that are off limits to the non-tagged players. Then play as normal, and when a new person gets tagged have them count to 5 then pursue. The fun in this game comes from the untouchable 'black holes' you set up. Whether it is a patch on the ground or a tree limb, the black holes make players think and get creative.


This is the old game of horse, but with a Parkour spin on it. It's played with as many people as you can gather, and in a spacious environment with lots of variation. Having a lot of obstacles to perform off of helps, as well as a grasp of the basics. Choose a leader and have everyone follow the movements, eliminating anyone that messed up, or alternate who leads after each movement. In the end, there can only be one!

Face Off

Participants will want to do this on a soft area like grass or a foam floor to keep from getting injured. Put a rag in your back pocket and get in the quadrupedal position in front of one another. The goal of this game is to get the rag out of their back pocket without lifting more than 1 hand off the ground. Players are disqualified if there are less than 3 limbs in contact with the ground. Out of all the group games, this one gets insane with a large group. Break it up into teams if it helps. If things get too hard, then adjusting the length of the rag will help out.


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Parkour Games
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