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Brodie Shaw

Job Title
Pro Trainer
Side Flip
Why I Started Parkour
It looked cool. Really cool.
Why I Love Parkour
It's brought me some of my best friends, and there’s always a new challenge.

Brodie Shaw instructs the following:
  • Age 11-15, Level 1-3
  • The perfect starting point for students between 11 and 15 years old.

  • Ages 6-10 Level 1-2
  • The perfect starting point for students between 6 and 10 years old.

  • Age 16+, Level 4-6
  • This class is for members or clients that have proved they are level 4 or higher. You can get into this class by joining one of our grading days. We have one a month.

  • Ages 10+, Lvl. 7-8
  • Our advanced class. Learn how to deal with fear, unconventional environments, and injuries. Begin advanced acrobatics, vaults, and bar work. Put all of the skills you've learned together, and learn to get creative with your environment with the fundamental skills to keep you safe.

  • Tuesday Homeschool Group
  • This Homeschool Group is open to homeschoolers looking to work on their Parkour skills throughout the Spring season.
    Level 1-3 focus (Beginner)

    8 week course (instruction only) : $140

  • Ages 6-10 level 3-6

  • Grading Day
  • Do you think you're ready to level up? Time to sign up for Grading Day!